When it comes to guidance and advice especially for those preparing for monologues or an upcoming audition, preparation and hard work are key. Here is our top 5 tips.

1. Choosing a monologue piece

• Find a character or role that you believe you’ll likely be casted for. 

• Choose a character that’s close to your age, physicality, gender, type etc. 

• Try to avoid accents unless you’ve been specifically advised

2. Prepare Thoroughly

• Once you’ve read it, start to identify the character’s objectives and actions

• If you’re unsure of the meaning of some of the words, look them up

• If there is unfamiliar words, check the correct (esp. with Shakespeare)

• Keep going over the lines and then perform his in front of someone prior to your audition. 

3.  Before you arrive warm up

• You may not have time or the room to warm up so make sure you do this prior

• If you’re a nervous try to control your breathing by taking deep breaths

• Use your diaphragm when projecting your voice. Don’t shout! 

4.  Keep it simple

• It’s best to keep still only unless movement is required

• Don’t lock yourself into patterns. Be flexible and in the moment

5. Be positive and confident before and after your audition 

• Be yourself and have confidence 

• Always project a friendly and professional demeanour

• Answer all questions with honestly and directly

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