Who Are We

We have extensive industry knowledge and experience

We take out the guesswork for the talent and agent when it comes to getting an agent or finding talent. Performers Connect was established due to the lack and frustration of hearing talent being unsuccessful in finding the correct or lack of information online/offline to successfully secure an agent. As a professional actor, musician, influencer or model, we’re here to help inform and educate you through the process, helping you to land an agent. 

We’ve had years of cultivating relationships and connections with producers, directors and casting directors. We will work with you on providing you with realistic expectations. We know that you’d love to get gigs in film, tv etc right away but firstly, you need to be agent-ready. This is where we come in. We will work with you on what you need to ensure that you have the right skills, experience and toolkit to get noticed. Having the right Headshot, Showreel, CV, Online Profiles or Training is crucial, and each one is important to help you stand out. 

Navigating your way in finding an agent can be treacherous. We know how daunting or unforeseen the obstacles can be. At Performers Connect, we help you through this and more with our knowledge and expertise in what agents are looking for and what you need to stand out, prepare and be confident. For Agents, we work with you to provide you with the right talent from our talent pool that meets your brief and your requirements.

Our unique offering is that we pitch to agents directly on your behalf.

Who Are We

Sylvie Hanlon Founder & CEO

Sylvie’s ability to connect people in business and finding talent has guided her to an extensive career . Her complete focus in matching performers with the right agent, creates a win – win scenario for both talent and agent.


Drawing over 25 years of experience working in the creative industry , predominantly in talent management. This is where she had recognised potential talent and now  enjoys developing artists.   Sylvie has a direct line to virtually every reputable agents in Australia, as well as U.S.A agents and managers.


Having a previous career as an Advertising Executive, her ability to have an insight of marketing, advertising and pitching allowed her to recognise the gap in the industry and created a bridge for both talent and Agents.

We pride ourselves on representing the right pool of talent and showcasing this to our extensive contact list. Working with each talent in developing and establishing their careers, our philosophy is to look for the right talent that has boundless potential and possesses their own unique identity and creativity.